Sunday, September 25, 2011

Young Guns stay on top!

Twenty two players battled in Round 4 of Ashland XXIII with six battles ending peacefully. Adam Shaw (1807) managed to slow down Ben Caiello (1630) holding him to a draw with Ben holding on to the top spot by 1 point. Paul Farb (1912) split the point with Erik Murrah (1734) as Lendel Robinson (1579) upset George Morton (1651). Ralph Buske (1473) agreed to a draw with Dan Caiello (1469) and Darell Hunt (1297) survived a nail biter that went down to final minutes against Paul Lowry (1195)

In the Amateur Section, Cody Kyzer (1211) survived a dubious opening line to split the point with Richard Watts (1139) and hang on to the lead by .5 point. Mike Mayfield (1281) took the point from Mark Woodman (1143), Birney Blind (1209) won over Christian Dunlap (938), David Boyd (1374) drew with Jaime Sanyer (1163), Chris Labrecque (1354) returned and defeated Drew Plyler (1072) and James Doyle (1190) split the point with Mike Meekins (1055.

The final round is Thursday, Sept 29.

Upcoming tournaments:

Oct 1 - Charlotte - Reverse Angle 23

Oct 7-9 - Charleston - 2nd Annual National Chess Day & Festival
Note: Correction to prizes: TLA for the National Chess Day and Festival tournament in Charleston on 7-9, 2011, has an error. In the Under 1800 section for prizes, it should read "u1600 - $100" instead of "u1400 - $100". The under 1400 prize is, of course, in the Under 1400 section.

Oct 14-16 - Columbia - 72nd SC Championships

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