Friday, November 1, 2013

Caiello wins Ashland XXXV! Mayfield takes Amateur Section!

Eighteen players competed in Ashland XXXV as Ben Caiello (2090) claimed his fourth straight Ashland title! In the Open Section, Paul Potylicki (1566) claimed the point over Daniel Smith (1485) in the section's only final round game.

The Amateur Section had its largest turnout in six months with eight players competing in the final round! Mike Mayfield (1420) scored a last round win over Jordan Anderson (1382) to take clear first with 3.5 points. David Stoner (1477) outlasted Gunateja Guruvelli (1305) to claim the point and share second place with Richard Watts (1216) who made the second to last mistake and secure the point from Venkata Guruvelli (1130). Jared Whiting (1008) picked up the point from Raviteja Guruvelli (1045).

There will only be stress free chess the rest of the year. No membership is required to come out and play casually. The club will be open from 7pm -10pm each Thursday through the end of the year except for Nov 28 and Dec 26. The club also meets for casual play at the St Andrews Regional Library on Mondays from 6:00 - 8:30. Library calendar is HERE.

The Year End Awards will be handed out on Dec 5 around 8:00pm.