Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ashland XXIV Round 2

Eighteen players battled in Round 2 of Ashland XXIV.

  Ben Caiello (1794) upset Paul Farb (1900) to take the lead atop the Open Section with 2 points. Lendel Robinson(1579) took the point from Daniel M. Smith (1479), Daniel Caiello(1540) won over Chris Labrecque(1354) and Ralph Buske(1453) and George Morton(1648) agreed to disagree and called it a draw.

 In the Amateur Section, Darell Hunt (1336) continued his winning ways with a win over newcomer Shaun McCoy(UNR). Mike Mayfield(1297) took the point from Ron Labrecque(1071) and Richard Watts(1166) defeated James Doyle(UNR). Birney Blind(1176) defeateded Christian Dunlap(938) and Paul Lowry(1163) climed the point from newcomer Richard Jeffcoat(UNR).

Round 3 resumes the tournament on Thursday 11-3-2011. Registration ends at 7:15pm.

Some upcoming tournaments of notable interest are:

NC Class Championships Nov 4-6 Charlotte, NC.

Augusta Action, Dec 3rd. Evans, GA

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