Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ashland XIII - Round 3

Twenty four players battled in the third round of Ashland XIII. Keith Eubanks (2006) scored his second straight win knocking James MacDougall (1942) from the top spot. Paul King (1841) took the point from Robert Folts (1685) to move into a tie for first. George Morton (1654) came to peaceful terms with Steve Boshears (1634) and Adam Shaw (1515) split the point with Ralph Buske (1402).

In the Amateur Section, Craig Patton (1136) secured the full point from Cody Kyzer (933) to move into a tie for first. Ben Caiello (1365) got back on the winning track with a victory over Mike Meekins (1102), Birney Blind (1160) outlasted Richard Watts (1253) and Jerry Rothstein (1322) won over Paul Lowry (1133). Drew Plyler (1246) and Daniel Smith (1121) fought to a draw.

Dan Caiello (1072) moved into clear first in the Reserve Section by beating co leader Christian Dunlap (770). David Gongre (1010) and Shiva Balasubramanian (1003) called a cease fire in the fourth draw of the night. Rod Lytes (234) broke into the win column with a hard fought victory over Chris Aluri (343).

Round 4 will be Thursday, Feb 4.

We're still waiting to hear back from Queen City on the club match. Information will be posted as soon as possible.

Good Luck to everyone traveling to the Land of the Sky tournament in Asheville this weekend!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get Out of My Head!

A new Weak Square article has been posted that discusses the introduction of a principled and disciplined thought process into your chess!  Click the weak square link on the left hand navigation.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ashland XIII - Round 2

Twenty eight players made it out to compete in Round 2 of Ashland XIII. James MacDougall (1942) defeated George Morton (1654) to move into clear first by .5 a point. Keith Eubanks (2006) returned to the board and scored the win over Robert Folts (1685) as Joerg Lohse (1847) took the point from Adam Shaw (1515). Paul King (1841) made it a three way tie for second by defeating Steve Boshears (1634) and Erik Murrah (1643) got back on the winning track scoring the win over Chris Labrecque (1438).

In the Amateur Section, Ralph Buske (1402) defeated Ben Caiello (1365) in a game that only lasted about 30 mins, Ralph used about 25 min, Ben his usual 5! Mike Mayfield (1391) scored his second straight win defeating Mike Meekins as time ran out to share first place. Craig Patton (1136) returned to competition defeating Jerry Rothstein (1322) as Richard Watts (1253) bounced back defeating Daniel Smith (1121). Birney Blind (1160) also got back in win column with a victory over Dan Caiello (1072) and Drew Plyler (1246) came to peaceful terms with Paul Lowry (1133) in the evening's only draw.

Christian Dunlap (770) took the point from Marty Anderson (775) to move into a tie for first in the Reserve Section. Shiva Balasubramanian (1003) won over Andrew Villeneuve (378) and Erik Anderson (467) defeated Gavyn Kopcho (116).

Round 3 will be Thursday, Jan 28.

We're working out the details for the club match with Queen City. I'll let everyone know as we finalize. The list of interested players is on the message board.

The Saturday Knights page is up. You can register online or at the club. We hope this will become a recurring tournament.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ashland XIII Begins!

The holiday break is finally over and twenty-four players did battle in the first round of Ashland XIII. In the Open Section, James MacDougall (1942) defeated Erik Murrah (1643), Bob Folts (1685) took down Chris Labrecque (1438) and George Morton (1654) scored the point over Ralph Buske (1402). Joerg Lohse (1847) came to peaceful terms with Steve Boshears (1634) in the section's other game.

The Amateur Section saw Mike Mayfield (1391) grind out the win over Birney Blind (1160) as Ben Caiello (1365) defeated Paul Lowry (1133). Mike Meekins (1102) outlasted Richard Watts (1253) and Cody Kyzer (933) took the full point from Drew Plyler (1246).

In the Reserve Section, Dan Caiello (1072) scored a first round win over Erik Anderson (467) and David Gongre (1010) defeated Andrew Villeneuve (378). Marty Anderson (775) used a bolt from the blue to defeat Rod Lytes (234) and Christian Dunlap (770) won over Gavyn Kopcho (116).

The crosstable link is at the top of page now under the live game link.

Round 2 will be next Thursday, Jan 21.

The GSSM Jan Open is in Hartsville this Sat, Jan 16. Check the club calendar for details.

Saturday Knights tournament final details will be posted soon. First tournament scheduled for April 10.

Club Match with Queen City Chess is in the works. The team is being formed now. Check the Message Board. If you would like be on the team let me know.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coach & Student Challenge Results

Eight teams featuring 16 players representing South Carolina and Georgia competed in the 1st Coach and Student Challenge.  Top honors were taken by "Taylor Terror", father and son tandem Bill Taylor and Christian Taylor from Aiken.  Bill continues terrorizing his competition by pitching a 3-0 shutout in the coach section while son Christian finished with 1.5 in the student section.  Splitting second place were the King Krushers (Columbia) and The Tornados (Charleston) comprised of Columbia club members, Paul Lowry and Erik Murrah and Charleston players Stephen Welt and Cody Johnson respectively.  All four players splitting second place won 2 games each in their respective sections out of 3.

Here are the other participants, coaches listed first.

The Check Mates: David and Maureen Grimaud
Double Dutch: Jerry Rothstein and Vikram Krishnamurthy
The Backward Pawns: Daniel Dodds and Chris Aluri
King Krushers: Erik Murrah and Paul Lowry
Knight Hikers: Steve Boshears and Richard Watts
Flotown Knights: Drew Plyler and Patrick Wang
The Tornados: Stephen Welt and Cody Johnson
Taylor Terror: Bill and Christian Taylor

Official Crosstable

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Weak Square Article!

A fresh Weak Square article has been posted for your pleasure.  Start off 2010 by allowing the Weak Square to recommend some of the best and most helpful chess books in print!

Follow the Weak Square link on the left hand navigation.

Tournament Play this Saturday!

If you would like to participate in 3 G90 tournament games this weekend, consider playing in the Coach & Student Challenge.  You may come to the tournament as an individual and either get paired up with a teammate or play in our separate side tournament.  The tournament is in downtown Lexington near the Wings & Ale at "Ready to Play" card shop right off Hwy 1 & 378.  For more information please email or follow the link below.

Coach & Student Challenge