Monday, December 27, 2010

Ashland Action - This week!

Your last Rated Games of 2010! This is a Four Round Game 30 Swiss, so it is Dual Rated!

Open Section 4 round SS G30. Prize fund $480 b/28 Chief TD: Halliday

Entry fee $20 club members, $30 non members (Members of out of town clubs receive $20 entry!).

Prizes: 1st $150 2nd $100 3rd $50 U1605 $95 U1205 $85

Rounds 7:00 8:15 9:30 & 10:45 Registration for first round ends at 6:50. Register by 8:05 and receive a .5 point bye for first round.

Two half point byes available. Must commit before 8:05

Email to preregister or register on site.

These players are registered at this time 12/30:

Philipp Lamby (2206)
James MacDougall (1947)
Paul Farb (1935)
Erik Murrah (1677)
Adam Shaw (1605)
Steve Boshears (1601)
Daniel Smith (1364)
Shiva Balasubramanian (1267)
Craig Patton (1193)
David Boyd (1155)
Emilio Garrido (431)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Casual Night - Farb wins Player of the Year!

Over a dozen Woodpushers took a break from last minute Christmas Shopping to play a little blitz and recognize this year's Top Players.

Ralph "Ironman" Buske claimed his third Most Active Player Award logging a new high of 46 games this year!

Dan Caeillo took the Most Improved Jr. Player Award by boosting his rating 364 points this year finishing at 1436.

Daniel Smith used a late charge to win the Most Improved Player Award raising his rating 243 points to post a 1364 rating to finish the year.

"Bullit" Ben Caiello raced to an early lead and won the Jr. Player of the Year Award finishing with 44 points to beat out brother Dan who finished with 39 points.

Paul Farb held on to become the Columbia Chess Club's 2010 Player of the Year edging out Ralph Buske and Erik Murrah by 3 points!

Congratulations to all the Winners!!

Next week is Ashland Action. This is a Four Round Game 30 Swiss. Full details are Here.

Four Teams are now entered in Ashland XIX . The teams are listed HERE.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fourteen compete in Ashland Quick XXII

Fourteen competitors took a break from the Holiday rush to battle in Ashland Quick XXII. Philipp Lamby (2114) and Paul King (1896) tied for first in the Top Quad with 2.5 points. Mike Mayfield (1479), Adam Shaw (1433) and Dan Caiello (1306) created a logjam for first in the Amateur Quad with 2 points each. The final section was a six player swiss with Daniel Smith (942) having to settle for a tie for first after being swindled with a stalemate by Max Witherell (857) in the final round with both finishing at 2.5 points.

Next week is Casual Night and the Year End Awards will be handed out at around 8:00. Blitz or Bughouse likely to break out. First time visitors encouraged to come out!!

Dec 30 will be Ashland Action. This will be an Open Four Round Game 30 Swiss. Round 1 will be at 7:00 and two byes are available. This Dual Rated and will be your last rated games of 2010!

Ashland XIX will start on Jan 6 and will be a Team Tournament. Two teams are confirmed at this time with two more being formed. Get your team together!!

Congratulations to Paul Farb for taking clear second at the Florence Championship last weekend!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eubanks & MacDougall tops in Ashland XVIII!

Eubanks and MacDougall dominate Ashland XVIII finishing 2 points ahead of the field! Twenty five players competed in our last weekly tournament of 2010.

Keith Eubanks (2012) defeated Erik Murrah (1677) as James MacDougall (1947) ground out the point over Paul King (1946) to give them joint first place with 4.5 points, a full two points ahead of the field! Paul Farb (1935) claimed a last round win over Steve Boshears (1601) and David Boyd (1155) extended his undefeated streak to 11 games with a win over Daniel Smith (1364).

Ben Caiello (1497) defeated Dan Caiello (1411) to take clear first in the Amateur Section and Birney Blind (1282) finished strong with a win over Shiva Balasubramanian (1242). Jaime Sanyer (1008) was in good form this tournament scoring a final round win over Cody Kyzer (1202) to finish with 3 points and boost his rating by 145 points! Richard Watts (1141) was held to a draw by new member Max Witherell and Mike Meekins (925) scored the point over Drew Plyler (1248)

Next week, Thur, Dec 16 will be Ashland Quick XXII. There will be NO PRIZES for this tournament. Entry fees will be donated to our host site, Ashland United Methodist Church.

Dec 23 will be a Casual Night and Year End Awards will be given out.

Dec 30 will be Ashland Action. This is a four round swiss, Game 30 starting at 7:00pm which is earlier than our normal time. Two byes are available but must be requested before the 2nd round starts.

Good Luck to those competing in the Florence Championship or the Queen City Championship this weekend!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There was NO Refutation - James MacDougall

It’s been a while but I’m still here, and the game of chess leaves many a story to tell. I chose this game because it is a variation I’ve used with nothing but success against an opening I used to struggle with: The Bird.

It was the week after Thanksgiving, and I knew who I was going to be playing, and what color I would have about 2 weeks in advance. I also knew that he almost religiously plays 1.f4 with the white pieces, so I had 2 weeks to prepare my game. In fact, the only time I have witnessed my opponent stray as white was against me, on a day where once again I “prepared” for 1.f4 when to the surprise of everyone there, he triumphantly opened with 1.Nf3.

Before this game (before my opponent arrived) I was discussing with Bob Halliday and Dan Smith the possibility that he might try that again, considering his success with it and his lack of success with The Bird against this system. When he in fact opened 1.f4, I knew that either
a) He had finally done his homework and was ready to put this line to the test, or
b) this was going to be an early night, and I could go home and rest. I expected and was hoping for the latter, as I was not feeling well. I would not be disappointed.

The game proceeded
(show chess board)(hide chess board)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ashland XIX - Team Challenge II - Jan 6 - Feb 3

A19 beginning on Jan 6 will be a Team Tournament.

Rated games depending on player availability or match play will be available for members that do not wish to play in the team tournament .

A minimum of 4 teams must be registered by January 3 or team tournament format will be cancelled and A19 will use A18 format.

If six or more teams register this will be a five round tournament, five teams will be a four round tournament with one team having an off week each round and four teams will be a three round tournament.

Time control will be G90. Entry fee $30/team. Trophy prizes. Each player on the First Place team will receive a trophy (3). The players with the highest score on each board at the end of the tournament will receive a trophy (3).

Teams cannot take a bye and no teams will be added once the tournament starts.

1. Each team will have 3 players and designate a Captain.

2. The combined rating of a team’s players must be under 4350. Dec Supplement will be used. Unrated players will be assigned a rating of 1200 for team purposes. Rated but unpublished players will use their unpublished rating for team purpose.

3. Board order must go by rating, highest rated plays board 1, second highest board 2, third on board 3.

4. Substitutes are allowed if a team member is unavailable. Substitute cannot be rated higher than the player being replaced unless opposing team agrees.

Teams will be listed on the Msg Board as they register and the pairings will posted there on the Monday before each round.

Anyone can form a team! Don't wait to be asked if you'd like to be on a team. If you need contact information for players you can Email me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ashland XVIII - Round 4

Eighteen players compete in the Penultimate Round of Ashland XVIII. Keith Eubanks (2012) found the win over Paul King (1946) as James MacDougall (1947) defeated Paul Farb (1935) to stay tied at the top. Erik Murrah (1677) outlasted Robert Folts (1761) and Ralph Buske (1468) battled to a draw with Daniel Smith (1364).

In the Amateur Section, Ben Caiello (1497) escaped with a draw against Cody Kyzer (1202) to stay in clear first by a half point heading into the final round. Dan Caiello (1411) took the point from Birney Blind (1282) as Shiva Balasubramanian (1242) settled peacefully with Jaime Sanyer (1008). Mike Mayfield (1355) defeated Christian Dunlap (754) and Richard Watts (1141) claimed the point from Drew Plyler (1248).

The Final Round will be Thurs, Dec 9.

Next weekend, Dec 10-12, is the Greater Charlotte Championship . This is being held at the same hotel the 200 player NC Open was at so this should be another good one!

If you can't take a weekend for chess head over to Florence for the Florence Chess Club Championship on Sat, Dec 11. This is a one day, five round, G30 Swiss with trophies to the top two finishers and the entry fee is only $10! Reg is from 9-9:15 with Round 1 starting at 9:45. Inquiries: John Zeimetz (843) 229-7468 or check with Drew Plyler at our club on Thursday evening. A few club members are heading over so check on Thurs evening if you'd like to car pool. This club is starting to get rolling and we may be able to set up a Club Match with them soon.

The first weekly tournament next year starting on Jan 6, Ashland XIX, will be a Team Tournament. Full Details will be posted Monday, Dec 6.

Steve Boshears is forming a team to compete in the 2011 US Amateur Team - South in Orlando, Fl Feb 18-20. This will be a 4-player team (plus optional alternate), Team Avg rating below 2200 using Jan ratings. There are six players interested right now so we may have enough for the club to field two teams. If you would like to be on this team contact Steve by Email or at the club on Thursday evenings.

In case you missed it, Garry Kasparov sat down with Google for this Q&A. It's an hour long and worth watching if you have the time.