Saturday, September 17, 2011

B Caiello & Kyzer still perfect after 3 Rounds!

Eighteen players battled in Round 3 of Ashland XXIII. Ben Caiello (1630) upset Erik Murrah (1734) to successfully defend Board 1 and stay atop the Open Section with 3 points. Paul Farb (1912) ground out the win over George Morton (1651), Adam Shaw (1807) took the point from Gil Holmes (1783) and Lendel Robinson (1579) split the point with Dan Caiello (1469).

In the Amateur Section, Cody Kyzer (1211) continued his impressive run with a win over Darell Hunt (1297) to stay in clear first with 3 points. Richard Watts (1139) outlasted Birney Blind (1209), Mark Woodman (1143) was left standing with point when the dust cleared in his battle with "Patriot" Christian Dunlap (938). Visiting Eddy Pinto (1272) took the point from Drew Plyler (1072) and David Boyd (1374) was convinced to split the point by Mike Mayfield (1281).

The Penultimate Round is next week, Thursday Sept 22.

There are THREE weekend tournaments coming up in October:

Oct 1 - Charlotte - Reverse Angle 23

Oct 7-9 - Charleston - 2nd Annual National Chess Day & Festival

Oct 14-16 - Columbia - 72nd SC Championships

Check at the club for members that are planning to attend these events if you'd like to car pool/share room.

The Live Game broadcast will be back soon (possibly next week!)

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