Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Columbia Open Results

Fifty-six players competed The Columbia Open circa 2015  this past weekend  Aug. 22-23 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Columbia!

Congratulations to Peter Suich of Morristown, TN on winning this year’s Columbia Open!

Peter finished with 4.0 points with his only loss coming in the second round to Kevin Seidler (CO).

Randal Ferguson of Greenville placed second with 3.5 points.

Emmanuel Carter (NC), Kevin Seidler (CO), Kevin Wang (GA), and Jonathan Tan (SC) tied for third in the Open Section - all four players finished with 3.0 pts.

In the U2000 Section, Sijing Wu (AL) won the first place prize with 5.0 pts!

Ernest E. Nix, Jr. (SC) won second place with 4.0 pts.;

third place was split by Daniel Andrzejewski, Jr. (NC) and Vignesh Sekar (GA) - both finishing with 3.5 pts.

In the U1600 Section, the first place prize went to Gunateja Guruvelli (SC) with 4.0 pts.

Marty Anderson (SC) won the second place prize with 3.5 pts.

Victor Suich (TN), Zachary R. Darga (SC), Aditya N. Dias (SC), and Joshua Gambrell (SC) tied for third place with 3.0 pts. each.

In the U1200 Section, first place prize went to Robert Hylton (SC) with 4.5 pts.; second place was split by Birney Blind (SC) and Richard Trela (SC) - both with 4.0 pts.;

The U1000 prize was claimed by Ed Stewart (GA) with 2.5 pts.

Congratulations to all our prize winners!

Special thanks to Jordan Anderson (TD duties), Andrew Plyler(TD and DGT board guru), and NM Sam Copeland (online game support).
Thank You to all players and family members who chose to come out and spend their weekend with us here in Columbia!
We hope you had a great time and would love to see you back next year and also at this same location for the SC State Championships October 30th - November 1st!

Full Crosstable can be seen here.

This Thursday starts our next weekly tournament.  Call email or text by 7:15pm to be counted.

Round 1 of Ashland XLV begins on Aug 27th 1 rd per week, Rd 5 is Sept 24th.
G75+30s incr. In two sections, Open and U1505   $10 for entry  or $3 per round.
Sept Ratings list will be used.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ashland Rapid and Casual Night before The Columbia Open

Fifteen players joined in the fun for the Rapid Game 30 tournament.
In the top section, Sam Copeland and Adam Shaw split first place and Ian Bell finished third with 3 points.

In the U1505, Mike Mayfield dominated with 4 points.  Marty Anderson and Shaun McCoy tied for second with 3.5 points. There were some nice rating gains by a few players in this tourney.  Game 30 is a different beast.

Thursday 8/20/2015 is a casual stress free club night before the Columbia Open.
There will be an endgame lecture session before free play so come and join the fun an learn something.

Saturday 8/22/2015 is The Columbia Open.  If you haven't registered yet you still have time to do so at the early entry fee.  Feel Free to go here for more information and to register.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ashland Rapid

Four rounds of Ashland Rapid have taken place with all remembering how to win with the in between Game 30;d5 time control.

In the top section Sam Copeland and Adam Shaw have 2.5 points each with Ian Bell close behind with 2 points.

In the U1505 section, Mike Mayfield is in the lead with 3 points and a slew of 2.5 points follow.

Round 5 and a plus 1 game is this Thursday.  Come join the fun.

Next Thursday Aug 20 is casual night with details to be announced later this week.

August 22 -23 is The Columbia Open at the Hilton Garden Inn.  If you aren't registered yet please go ahead and register here or email me and let me know.