Friday, November 7, 2014

Ashland XLI Rd2

Round 2 of Ashland XLI had a similar theme of high tension and hard fought chess.  After two hours of chess 8 games were still being played.

On board 1, NM Sam Copeland defeated Ben Caiello to move to 2 points.  Leo Rabulan converted in the endgame to defeat Ian Bell to move to 2 points as well.  Keith Eubanks defeated Olga Szekely and Chris Labrecque defeated Zoltan Szekely to round out the Top section.

In the Under Section, there is a log jam for first place with 4 tied with 1.5 points.  Mark Woodman and Jonathan Lober were the last game going and agreed to disagree, ending in a draw.  Gauthan Tuppale and Richard Watts played a tough game with Tuppale claiming the point.  Marty Anderson claimed the point from Birney Blind and Elizabeth Yankovsky defeated Jared Whiting.

Current cross table can be seen here.

Join the fun on Nov 13th for Round 3.  Text or call before 7:15 pm to be counted.

On Saturday Nov. 8th is the Midlands Scholastic Chess League II which will be held at the Jewish Community Center, 306 Flora Drive, Columbia, SC 29223.  There is an adult section as well as multiple scholastic sections.  For more information on the Scholastics Chess League or the club which meets on Tuesdays look here.

Also don't forget the World Championship match between current champion GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Vishwanathan Anand starts on November 8th.  This is a rematch between last years match. Anand fought his way back to face the current champion.  Can he win back the crown?  Many sites will be showing the live games but more info can be found  and

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ashland Themed Quick: Blackmar Diemar Gambit

The opening tonight for the themed quick is the Blackmar Diemar gambit.  The first moves for all games will be 1.d4 d5 2. e4 dxe4 3. Nc3....

Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 Columbia Open Results

2014 Columbia Open

August 15-17
Results Columbia, SC

Hilton Garden Inn
434 Columbiana Drive, Columbia SC 29212

5SS, G90/30inc (2day Rd 1 G75/30inc)

In 4 Sections:

Open Section
NM Sam Copeland 5.0 points
IM Alexander Matros 3.5 points
Klaus Pohl 3.5 points
U2200 Prize
All with 2.5 points
Ben Caiello
Leo Rabulan
Keith Eubanks
Dr. Edsel Pena
Kapish Potula
U2000 Section
Adam Shaw 4.5 points
Tim Rankin 3.5 points
Joseph Rochester 3.5 points
U1800 Prize
All with 3.0 points
Bob Halliday
James Dill
Mike Eberhardinger
John Yates
U1600 Section
Mia Lopez 4.5 points
Gunatej Guruvelli 3.0 points
Richard Watts 3.0 points
U1400 Prize
Leonid Matros 2.5 points
U1200 Section
Rares Cristian 4.5 points
Ian Bell 4.0 points
Venkat Guruvelli 3.0 points
Ravitej Guruvelli 3.0 points
U1000 Prize
Paul Pena 3.0 points
Henri Murthy 3.0 points

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aug 14th Casual Night Lecture and Consult Game

Join the Columbia Chess Club for a casual stress free night.
Enjoy a Lecture and learn from two strong players.

IM Alexander Matros will be sharing his thoughts with a chess Lecture starting at 7:30 pm.

After the lecture we will split the group into two rooms and IM Matros match wits against NM Sam Copeland in a teaching consult game.  Share your thoughts about the position, listen and learn as the two go head to head.

This a great time to hear the inner chess thoughts of two strong players.

August 15th is The Columbia Open.  If you are not registered go ahead and claim your spot.
More information is here

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The King's Gambit, Is it Refuted?

Is the King's Gambit dead?

Is it refuted?  BUSTED?

The Great Bobby Fischer adamantly proclaimed so in his famous 1961 article.

After Bobby Fischer lost a 1960 game at Mar del Plata to Boris Spassky, in which Spassky played the Kieseritzky Gambit, Fischer left in tears and promptly went to work at devising a new defense to the King's Gambit. In Fischer's 1961 article, "A Bust to the King's Gambit", he brashly claimed, "In my opinion the King's Gambit is busted. It loses by force." Fischer concluded the article with the famously arrogant line, "Of course White can always play differently, in which case he merely loses differently. (Thank you, Weaver Adams!)" The article became famous. - courtesy to Wikipedia

One of the most famous examples of the King's Gambit, and in chess,  is The Immortal Game played by Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in London 1851.  For those of you who haven't seen of this game yet, Enjoy!

In the inaugural themed tournament, we played the King's Gambit.  All boards started 1.e4 e5 2. f4.  Due to time constraints the time control was G15 + 3sec delay.  This allowed 4 games on the night. This time control didn't allow either side to tarry long and quick decisions had to be made but fun and exciting chess was had by all.

Newcomer to the club, NM Sam Copeland(2122 qck rating) scored a perfect 4-0 as he mowed down the field and also kindly shared his objective analysis on past positions with his opponents.
Ben Caiello(1913 qr) captured 3 points and only posting a miscue to NM Copeland.
Erik Murrah(1520 qr) executed a swiss gambit to perfection by "throwing" the first game and winning the next 3 to tie with Caiello for second place.

Notable returning and new members Leo Rabulan and John Bailes had success with the Gambit as well.

Although a small number of trials of just 28 games, White scored 61% of victories:17 games, Black 36% :10 games, and 1 game was a draw 3.6% this is evidence that the King's Gambit is suitable enough for club play and not busted, dead or refuted here in Columbia.

Thanks to all who supported this exciting event.  Full Results.

No club meet on July 24th.  The next regular tournament will resume on July 31st.

Don't Forget to register for The Columbia Open Aug 15-17.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Quick tournament at St. Andrews

From July 14th to August 4th, we will be holding a 4 round G/20 (3 second delay) beginning at 7:30 pm at St. Andrews Library. It will be one round per week. Entry fee will be $2. Please contact Jordan Anderson for more info.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Ashland Quick XLIV and News

Ten players battled it out in Ashland Quick XLIV with others playing casual.

James MacDougall and Ben Caiello split the top section with 2.5 points each.

Chris Labrecque scored a perfect 3-0 in the under swiss section.

Upcoming events and News.
Reverse Angle July 5th Charlotte, NC

There will be no club meeting on July 10th.

Chess fun will resume on July 17th with a rated King's Gambit quick tournament.
All games will start with black to move after playing 1.e4 e5 2.f4..
Games will be G15/3 sec delay.  1 section 4 round swiss with first round accelerated.
No Entry fee for club members, no prizes but games will be rated.

No meeting July 24th.

July 31st will start Ashland XXXIX Rd 1
Four round Swiss. One round a week for four weeks. Entry fee $2
One bye allowed, No last round byes. Rounds start at 7:30. Reg ends at 7:15.
Two Sections, Game 75 + 30 inc.
Open Section,
Amateur Section (U1505)

July 26-Aug 3rd US Open Orlando FL.  Multiple schedules.

Aug 15-17 The Columbia Open Columbia, SC

Aug 28-31 NC Open and US Masters Greensboro, NC

There are plenty of upcoming opportunities to play chess, increase your rating, and most of all have fun!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ashland XXXVIII Rd 1

Round 1 had a good turnout with sixteen players fighting hard over the board.

In the Open section winners were James MacDougall, Gilbert Holmes, Erik Murrah and Brandon Jordan.
Jaime Sanyer, Jared Whiting, and Gunateja Guruvelli all claimed victories in the U1505 section.

Round 2 continues on June 12th.  Call or text by 7:15pm to claim you spot.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Caiello Wins Club Championship

Twenty players competed in the 2014 Columbia Club Championship.
Already with the title in hand, Ben Caiello defeated Richard Watts to claim the Club Championship with a perfect 5-0 score.
On board 2, David Stoner defeated Jordan Anderson to claim second place with 3 points.  Jordan claimed the U1505 prize. 
Lendel Robinson defeated Briney Blind to claim third place, also with 3 points. 
Gil Holmes and Paul Potylicki battled to a tense position but the game ended with a draw by repetition of position and Jared Whiting defeated Ian Bell.

Full results can be seen on the USCF site.

This Thursday is Ashland Quick XLII.  Register by 7:15 to join the fun.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Caiello in the lead after 3 rounds

Round 3 of 5 is in the books for the Club Championship and Ben Caiello(2101) is in sole lead with 3 points. On top board, Ben successfully defended against against up-and-comer Brandon Jordan to stay in the drivers seat.
On board 2, Jordan Anderson(1401) defeated David Boyd(1441) to move into sole second place. James MacDougall(1994) outlasted Paul Potylicki(1547) to move to 2 points and within striking distance of the lead. Keith Eubanks(1993) also moved within striking distance of the lead by defeating Jared Whiting(1071). Lendel Robinson(1594) defeated Ian Bell(UNR) to move to 2 points as well. Edsel Pena(2033) returned to the club to claim the point against Max Witherell(1263). Richard Watts(1245) defeated Joan Pena. David Stoner(1601) claimed the point against Diego Ignacio and Birney Blind(1133) took the point from Paul Pena.
Round 4 is scheduled for March 20th.

Saturday March 22nd is the SC State Scholastic tournament.

Tuesday March 25th Klaus Johnson will be holding a Simul Exhibition for charity.
Check the Flyer for more details.

Saturday March 29th is the Club Match against the Charleston Chess Club. If you are interested in playing just say the word.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Round 2

Twelve players threw their hats in the ring for Round 2 of the Club Championship.

Ben Caiello took the sole lead by defeating Keith Eubanks in an exciting game.
 Brandon Jordan and James MacDougall left things on an even keel agreeing to a draw.
Gil Holmes claimed the point against Ian Bell. Paul Potylicki took the point from David Stoner.   Jared Whiting defeated Birney Blind and Richard Watts and James Doyle ended things peacefully with a draw.

 The tournament continues with Round 3 on Thursday March 13th.

Monday, March 3, 2014

CCC Championship Round 1

If you weren't at the club for Round 1 of the club Championship you missed a great night of chess competition.
All of the games were hard fought and the tension was so thick it would dull most kitchen knives.

When the smoke cleared after all games completed, (the top four boards after 10:30 pm)  Ben Caiello(2101) claimed a full point over David Stoner after solving a tricky endgame.
James MacDougall(1994) and Lendel Robinson(1594) solved all tricks and puzzles each other threw at each other which eventually steered the game to a draw.  Keith Eubanks(1993) outlasted a very determined Paul Potylicki(1593) to claim the full point.  Brandon Jordan(1478) defeated Gil Holmes(1873) extending his non losing streak of rated games at the club to 8 after maneuvering through a tricky double bishop endgame.  David Boyd(1441) snatched the advantage and victory away from Birney Blind(1133).  Familiar foes Jordan Anderson(1401) and Jared Whiting(1071) were paired again and Anderson claimed the point.  Richard Watts(1245) returned to rated play but let the game slip away and Ian Bell(UNR) claimed the point.

Round 2 is Thursday, March 6th register by 7:15pm to be counted.

St. Andrews Club meets on Mondays.  Round 1 of G20 rated tourney starts March 3rd.

March 29th is our club match with Charleston Chess Club, if interested in playing let me know so I can reserve your spot.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ashland Quick ZLI tonight

Ashland Quick XLI tonight round 1 starts at 7:30.  Register by 7:15 to be counted.

Next week starts the Club Championship tournament.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ashland XXXVI Round 1

There were as many playing casual as playing in Round 1 of Ashland XXXVI.
In the Open section,  Experts James MacDougall and Keith Eubanks returned to the board in good form, both claiming victories by defeating Dan Quigley and Paul Potylicki, respectively.  In the evenings longest game, David Stoner ground out the win vs never say die Gil Holmes.

In the U1505 section, Jordan Anderson took the point from Birney Blind and Brandon Jordan claimed the point against Drew Plyler.

Come out to the club on Thursday January 23rd to play casually or play rated  in round 2 of Ashland XXXVI.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Holmes wins Ashland Rapid

In the first tournament of the year, Ashland Rapid, Gilbert Holmes goes a perfect 3-0 , claiming sole first.  Dan Quigley claimed second with 2 points.  David Stoner claims third with 1.5 points. It looks all were refreshed from the break and ready to play some chess.  All the games were hard fought.

Join the fun to play rated or casual on Thursday Jan 16th for Round 1 of Ashland XXXVI.

Four round Swiss. One round a week for four weeks. Entry fee $3 a round $10 for tourney for club members, $5 a round for non-members.
One bye allowed, No last round byes. Rounds start at 7:30. Reg ends at 7:15.

Two Sections, Game 75 + 30 inc. Open Section, First Place $30, Second Place $20,
Amateur Section (U1505), First Place $30, Second Place $20, U1205 $15.