Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ashland XLIV in the Books

A total of Twenty-Six players battled it out in Ashland XLIV over the 5 weeks during the early summer months. We also had 5 new players join the club and much fun was had by all.

In Round 5, Sam Copeland claimed the point against Adam Shaw to even up with Shaw at 3 points. Ian Bell defeated Gil Holmes to also move to 3 points. Rade Musulin and James MacDougall agreed to settle the argument later deciding on a draw. In the longest game of the night, Daniel Smith and Brandon Jordan battled it out and this time Smith came away with the point.

In the U1505 section, Richard Watts moved into the lead with a win over Marty Anderson. Tal Kasher also claimed the point from Mark Woodman to move into a tie with Watts at 3.5 points. Ed Stewart defeated William Cordova and Mike Miller defeated Luke Copeland.

Congrats to the winners of the tourney and thanks to all who participated to increase their chess skills.

This Thursday July 2nd No Meeting

July 9th - Casual Night possible a blitz tourney
July 16th - Quick Tournament (3rd G15+10s inc)
July 23rd - No Club Meeting

August 22-23 - Columbia Open!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ashland XLIV Rd 4

A good turnout with sixteen players for Round 4 of Ashland XLIV.

In the Open James MacDougall gave Adam Shaw his first loss of the tourney.
Ian Bell and Rade Musulin played to a draw.

In the U 1505, Mike Mayfield and Marty Anderson played to a draw.
Martin Caluag claimed the point from Mark Woodman.
Tal Kasher defated Ed Stewart and Elizabeth Yankovsky defeated Mike Miller.
Newcomer to the club William Cordova claimed the point against fellow newcomer Dargen Brabham.

This Thursday June 25th is Round 5 of Ashland XLIV
Upcoming dates to be aware of.

July 2nd - No Meeting
July 9th - Casual Night
July 16th - Quick Tournament (3rd G15+10s inc)
July 23rd - No Club Meeting

August 22-23 - Columbia Open!

If you havent been following the Norway Chess tournament you can review the games on chess24 or your other favorite chess site.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ashland XLIV Round 3

In the Open section, Ian Bell, who controlled most of the round allowed Adam Shaw a cheap tactic and to escape with the full point.  Gil Holmes and Rade Musulin played long through an interesting position to finally agree to a draw.  In the U1505 Martin and Marty squared off and while club rookie, Martin Calaug had an early chances in an aggressive position, Marty was able to stave off the attack and push the game to a draw.  Richard Watts, Mark Woodman, Tal Kasher and Ed Stewart were able to claim points in their games over Michael Miller, Birney Blind, Elizabeth Yankovsky and Luke Copeland respectively. As always, the current crosstable can be found here.


  • July 2nd - No Meeting
  • July 9th - Casual Night
  • July 16th - Quick Tournament (3rd G15+10s inc)
  • August 22-23 - Columbia Open!

Here's an interesting position from Dan Smith, see if you can spot the winning move:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Border Battle Round 4

Round 4 went 7 NC-5 SC. NC wins by 5 boards.  Mike Boone went 4-0 in the Class C section.

Border Battle Round 3

Winners in round 2 were Mike Boone who is 3-0.  Both B players won ; Alverson and Fejzilai.  Shaw won in top Class A.  SC down by 3 points going into last round.
From the other side.