Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ashland Quick XXXI recap

Ten players came out to compete in Ashland Quick XXXI.  The quick ratings balanced nicely allowing a top quad and a swiss section for the other 6.  We had a strong player visiting from California in the name of Scott Manson but in the first round Ethan Winter snagged the upset from Scott.  In round two Gil Holmes took one from Winter.  After the smoke had cleared Scott Mason(1964) and Ethan Winter(1696) split first with two points each.

In the Swiss section, there were more upsets with no one taking full control.  Julie Sheil had upset wins from Mike Mayfield and Daniel Smith, Riku Koivusalo took points from Daniel Smith and Julie Shiel.  Shaun McCoy snagged wins from Christian Dunlap and a rd 3 win from Riku Koivusalo.  Mike Mayfield claimed victories against Sheil and winning the R and p endgame against Dunlap.  This battle royale ended with a four way tie for first with Mike Mayfield(1422), Riku Koivusalo(1237P5), Shaun McCoy(1210P16) and Julie Sheil(1112P25) each having two points.

There will be no club meeting this Thursday May 24th.  The SC Open is this Memorial Day weekend at the Hilton Garden Inn in Greenville, SC.  Information can be found at

The next club meeting with be Thursday May 31st and Ashland XXVII run from May 31st to June 28th .  Call or email your entries before 7:15pm.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ashland XXVI goes to Caiello and McCoy

Ashland XXVI came to a close with Ben Caiello winning the Open section with 4 points and Shaun McCoy taking 4.5 in the Amateur section.  In total 27 players competed over the 5 week event, of those a handful of new faces joined the club and started the towards chess mastery .

Ben Caiello(1897) defeated Gil Holmes(1820) to solidify first and brother Dan Caiello(1625) pulled the upset of Adam Shaw(1790).  Chris Labrecque(1405) claimed the victory over Ralph Buske(1482) and Ethan Winter(1771) took the point against Ron Hinds(1772) to round out the open section.

In the Amateur section, Shaun McCoy(1346) took his time to lock down first place by defeating George Boykin(1042).
Riku Koivusalo took the point from newcomer Andrew Manion and Christian Dunlap(950) posted his second victory in a row by defeating newcomer Kory Adam.
Check full results here.

The next Ashland Quick  will be on May 17.  Call or text your entries before 7:15 pm.

The SC Open will be help Memorial Day weekend.  More information can be found here.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ashland XXVI rd 4 MacDougall and McCoy in the lead

Despite only having 12 rated players, the air was ripe with intensity for rd 4.  There was no less action and drama for the six or so playing casually in the skittles room. 

The top two games both came down to seconds with James MacDougall(2014) and Adam Shaw(1790) playing to a draw in a fascinating game and Gil Holmes(1820) out lasting David Boyd(1485) to claim the point.  In contrast, Ron Hinds quickly succumbed to Ralph "Buccaneer" Buske's(1482) charge. 

In the U1505 section,  Shaun McCoy(1360) and Andrew Minion(815) agreed to disagree, drawing the game.  "The Patriot" Christian Dunlap(950) claimed the point against Vincent Mahoney in a very interesting endgame and Mike Mayfield(1346) and Riku Koivusalo agreed to a draw in a opposite colored bishop endgame.

The round 5 showdown will be James MacDougall with 3.5 points vs Ben Caiello with 3 points in the Open.  Shaun McCoy is atop the U1505 with 3.5 points with Manion and Mayfield not far behind.

Text or call for your entry for round 5.  Registration ends at 7:15pm.