Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Passing - Paul Lowry

Paul Lowry
Paul Lowry COLUMBIA - Paul Lowry, a former Charleston firefighter and published author and poet, died yesterday. The son of Mable and Jack Lowry, Paul attended Shorter College in Rome, Georgia where he majored in History. An avid chess player and chess historian, Paul was a member of the Columbia Chess Club. An avid Clemson Tiger fan, Paul was a member of IPTAY in the early days. He is survived by his brother and sister, Jay and Jan and fiance‚ Carla Marks of Lindenwold, New Jersey. Paul was a member of St John Nuemann Catholic Church in Columbia.
Published in The State from June 18 to June 19, 2012 
Funeral Mass

A funeral mass will be held for Paul Lowry at Noon on Friday at St. John Neumann Church on 100 Polo Road. There will not be a procession or graveside service. 

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ashland XXVII round 3

Round 3 of Ashland XXVII included 12 players playing rated and a handful of others popping out blitz moves in the skittles room.

On board 1, Adam Shaw(1796) defeated Gil Holmes'(1886) pet dragon. Mike Mayfield(1378) claimed a upset win against Ron Hinds(1671) as well as simultaneous blitz wins in the skittles wins.
Shaun McCoy(1338) fought well against Ben Caiello(1917) but succumbed to the higher rated opponent. Similarly, Richard Watts(1308) was defeated by Daniel Caiello(1603).
In the night's two most hardest fought games, George Morton(1625) won a very interesting kings and pawns endgame over Christian Dunlap(977) and Birney Blind(1202) and Ralph Buske(1479) agreed to a draw after a tough opposite colored Bishop endgame.

 Round 4 is set for June 21st. Call or text your entries before 7:15 pm.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rated Tournament for Beginner's in July!

In July the St Andrews Regional Library and the Columbia Chess Club will hold a Rated Tournament for Beginner's! This tournament will be open to players with a rating of Under 1200 so it will be the perfect opportunity for new players to jump in and try out rated play.

There will be an early schedule and a late schedule to give everyone a chance to play, and you can play in both if you want! The winner in each tournament will receive free entry into the Columbia Open!

If you've ever wanted to play in a rated chess tournament here's your chance! If you still think you're not good enough to play rated chess check out this article by The Weak Square

Here are the details:

St. Andrews Regional Library
Beginner’s Rated Chess Tournament
Open to players USCF rated 1200 and under.

New players can earn an official USCF rating!
One section, five rounds over five weeks beginning on July 2 continuing with one round each Monday through July 30.

You are not required to play every week. There will be two tournaments, an early one starting at 6:30 and a late one starting at 7:45. Register by 6:15 for the early round each week and by 7:30 for the late round. Players can compete in both if they want and play two rated games each week!

Time control is 30 minutes for each player with a 5 second delay. Each game can last 1 hour. Sets and clocks provided but please bring your tournament set and clock if you have one.

United States Chess Federation (USCF) membership required which can be purchased on site. Scholastic (under 13) memberships start at $8 and Adult memberships start at $15.

No entry fee! Top finisher in each tournament will receive free entry into The Columbia Open tournament which will be held Aug 17-19 at the Hilton Garden Inn on Harbison, a $59 value.

Tournament Schedule:
July 2 – Round 1A 6:30
Round 1B 7:45

July 9 – Round 2A 6:30
Round 2B 7:45

July 16 – Round 3A 6:30
Round 3B 7:45

July 23 – Round 4A 6:30
Round 4B 7:45

July 30 – Round 5A 6:30
Round 5B 7:45