Monday, September 27, 2010

Cola Chess vs QCCA rematch (11-3)

Columbia Chess claims shocking 11-3 victory over QCCA!

Gimme a good hearty Viking Quest yell, VICCCCTORRRRY!!! (If you watch Entourage you will understand)

The Columbia Chess Club traveled to the Queen City Chess Association on Saturday, Sept 25th for a club rematch. The previous match ended in a tie.

The Crosstable of the event is HERE.

More on this event to follow.

Ashand XVII Round 2 results

Round 2 of Ashland XVII was a great night to be at the Columbia Chess Club.
There was a chess buzz in the air with twenty-two competitiors in the tournament and others in the skittles room playing king of the hill in Game 5 blitz.

On board 1, newcomer to the club, David Vetterlein(1805) defeated Paul Farb(1903) to take a share of first with 2 points. On board 2, Shiva Balasubramian(1190) defeated Richard Watts(1160) to also rise to two points in tournament. Paul King(1863) defeated Daniel Caiello(1365) on board 3. In the only draw of the night, Erik Murrah(1654) and Mike Mayfield(1390) agreed to disagree to a degree. Ben Caiello(1417), with the black pieces, defeated Ralph Buske(1470) and Craig Patton(1205) defeated Drew Plyler(1207). David Boyd(1089) defeated Mike Meekins(1035) and Jaime Sanyer claimed the point against newcomer Mark Woodman. Christian Dunlap(754) claimed victory against Emilio Garrido(700). Daniel Smith(1148) claimed the point against tough competitor Birny Blind(1298). In the largest upset of the night, "Mr. President" David Grimaud(1688) defeated the powerful Keith Eubanks(2022). See Below.

Come join the fun for round 3 on Sept. 30th 2010.

Registration ends at 7:15PM, email,call or text to be included in the pairings.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just play your best and see what happens!! - Donny Gray

This was submitted by Donny Gray and originally published in the TN Chess News. Donny gave me permission to share this. It may give you a better outlook next time you play someone much higher rated that you.

When playing someone that is vastly higher rated than you it is very easy to get discouraged and almost be defeated before you even move one pawn. There is the other side of this subject as well. What about when you are the higher-rated player in this situation? Then you have the tendency to play fast and careless.

But the truth is that anyone can play way over their head on occasion. You just have to forget ratings and go for it!At the recent TN Senior Open my 2nd round game had all the above and then some. Most likely in all my tournaments my 2nd round opponent was the lowest player I have ever played. If I have played others in his rating range I have forgotten. - Donny Gray

Monday, September 13, 2010

Road Warriors Needed!! - Rematch Sept 25

Time to settle this war between the states!

A rematch with the Queen City Chess Association has been scheduled for Saturday, Sept 25. Our first match ended in a very exciting tie!

The Border Battle which featured matches between the State Champs, the State High School Champs and matches between class players all ended with tie scores when the dust settled.

The first two battles were fought in South Carolina. This time we take the battle North to Charlotte at their home, Asian Herald Library. Two rounds starting at 10:00, Game 90.

We're looking to field a ten player team to bring back bragging rights not only in this North-South rivalry but also in the battle between each state's largest club!

Final Team Rosters:

Team Columbia:
Board 1 - Philipp Lamby
Board 2 - Paul Farb
Board 3 - Joerg Lohse
Board 4 - Daniel Smith
Board 5 - Shiva Balasubramanian

Board 1 - Gary Newsom
Board 2 - Mark Sturman
Board 3 - Mike Eberhardinger

Board 4 - Windy Gatlin
Board 5 - Hassan Hashemloo

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ashland Quick XX and other News

Fourteen players completed in Ashland Quick XX. Phillip Lamby and Donny Gray finished 1 and 2 respectively in the very strong top quad. Mason Wiest and Adam Shaw claimed 1 and 2 in the second quad.
In the final 6 person swiss, Craig Patton claimed clear first and Mike Meekins and Emilio Garrido split second.

Ashland XXVII starts on Thursday Sept 16th. Registration ends at 7:15. Email or call or text to make sure you get paired.

The club match is scheduled for Sat Sept 25th in Charlotte, NC. Let me know if you are interested in playing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Weak Square covers the North Carolina Open

 Mash that link for some hilarious Weak Square action.

Congratulations to Paul King

A big congratulations to Paul King for finishing in clear first place in the U1900 section of the North Carolina Open!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ashland XVI in the books

Ashland XVI concludes with 14 players competing in round 5. On board 1 Erik Murrah defeated Paul Farb to claim an overall share of 1st. Ben Caiello and Steve Boshears agreed to disagree, to a degree, and called it a draw. Adam Shaw defeated Mike Mayfield and Ralph Buske claimed the point vs Cody Kyzer. The Birney Blind, Richard Watts game came down to an interesting endgame and they played it to a draw. Daniel Caiello defeatd Craig Patton and Jaime Sanyer and Paul Lowry agreed on a draw.

Overall winners and class prizes are listed below.

1st Place: Paul Farb, Erik Murrah
3rd Place: Ben Caiello

Class Prizes
Class B: George Morton, Steve Boshears
Class C: Adam Shaw, Ralph Buske
Class D: Dan Caiello, Mike Mayfield
Class E: Richard Watts, Cody Kyzer

The final results can be seen here.

Next Thursday, Sept 9th is Ashland Quick XX. Registration ends at 7:15pm.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ashland XVI Round 4

Round 4 of Ashland XVI continued with Paul Farb(1917) claiming clear first by outlasting Paul King(1802). Erik Murrah(1657) moved into second place defeating Mike Mayfield(1377) on board 2. "Bullet" Ben Caiello(1438) defeated Cody Kyzer "Sose"(1011). Keith Eubanks(2023) defeated Richard Watts(1198) to stay in the hunt. Ralph Buske(1412) earned upset of the night by defeating Gil Holmes(1805). Steve Boshears(1614) ground out the win vs Birney Blind(1315). Jerry Rothstein(1340) returned to the club to claim a win vs "Fearless" Dan Caiello(1378). Drew Plyler (1207) and Craig Patton(1205) settled peacefully with a draw. Newcomer to the club, David Boyd(1089) defeated Jaime Sanyer(989) and also claimed victory Paul Lowry in and Extra Game.

The tournament concludes, with Round 5 on Thursday Sept 2nd.

The prizes are still undecided so be there for Round 5 to claim your share of the winnings.

1st $40
2nd $30
3rd $20
Top B (1600-1799) $15
Top C (1400-1599) $15
Top D (1200-1399) $15
Top E (1000-1199) $15

Note these are Class prizes and not under prizes. Only players in the rating class can win their class prize.

In some past news, IM Alexander Matros(2449) put on a simul exhibition at the club on August 19th, claiming 7.5 out of 8. Thank You to all who participated and Congratulations to Paul Farb who earned a draw vs the player 650 points higher than him.