Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leaders stay on top as Twenty Players compete in Round 3

Twenty players compete in Round 3 of Ashland XVIII as Keith Eubanks (2027) and James MacDougall (1940) agree to a grandmaster draw to stay tied at the top of the Open Section. Paul King (1946) battled to a draw with Paul Farb (1931) to stay a half point off the leaders. Adam Shaw (1610) outlasted Ralph Buske (1481) as Russell Thurmond (1600) survived to take the point from Daniel Smith (1352). Robert Folts (1761) split the point with Steve Boshears (1600).

Ben Caiello (1497) scored the win over Shiva Balasubramanian (1242) to stay alone at the top of the Amateur Section. Dan Caiello (1411) defeated Jaime Sanyer (1008) as Birney Blind (1282) took the point from Christian Dunlap (754). Cody Kyzer (1202) executed a successful kingside attack against Mike Mayfield (1355) to secure the point and David Boyd (1129) claimed the full point from Drew Plyler (1248)

The club WILL NOT meet next week, Thursday, Nov 25. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Round 4 will be Thursday, Dec 2.

Upcoming Tournaments!
Sat Dec 4 - Charleston's Scholastic Kickoff - Charleston
Dec 10-11 - Greater Charlotte Championship - Charlotte

Steve Boshears is forming a team to compete in the 2011 US Amateur Team - South in Orlando, Fl Feb 18-20. This will be a 4-player team (plus optional alternate), Team Avg rating below 2200 using Jan ratings. If there is enough interest the club could field two teams. If you would like to be on this team contact Steve by Email or at the club on Thursday evenings.

Speaking of Teams, start forming your three player team for Ashland XIX! This tournament will begin Jan 6. Full details will be posted soon. Here's how it worked last time Team Challenge I

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ashland XVIII - Eubanks & MacDougall Lead!

Sixteen warriors battle in Round 2 of Ashland XVIII with Keith Eubanks (2027) protecting Board 1 in an exciting win over Paul Farb (1931). James MacDougall (1940) kept pace with a win over Robert Folts (1761) to share the lead at 2 points. Both games are available on the Live Game link . Steve Boshears (1600) settled peacefully with Daniel Smith (1352) as did Russell Thurmond (1600) and Ralph Buske (1481).

Ben Caiello (1497) took control of the Amateur Section scoring a quick win over fellow speed demon Mike Mayfield (1355). Dan Caiello (1411) couldn't crack the stubborn defense of Shiva Balasubramanian (1242) as they split the point. Birney Blind (1282) scored a win over new club member Marc Vellucci (UNR) and Christian Dunlap (754) posted an upset win over Drew Plyler (1248).

Round 3 will be next week, Thursday, Nov. 18. Note that Round 4 will be Dec 2. The club will not meet on Nov 25, Thanksgiving.

Upcoming tournaments!
Sat Nov 20 - Folloween Open - Charleston
Sat Nov 20 - GSSM November Open - Hartsville
Sat Dec 4 - Charleston's Scholastic Kickoff - Charleston
Dec 10-11 - Greater Charlotte Championship - Charlotte

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Columbia Chess Dominates 71st SC Champs!

The Columbia Chess Club showed both quantity and quality at the 71st SC Champs as the club gave strong support with EIGHTEEN members competing in the field of 48.

Current Club Champ, Philipp Lamby (2195), claimed his second State Championship scoring 3.5 points. Donny Gray (2082) posted 3.0 points to finish with a positive score in the Open Section.

Adam Shaw (1610) tied for first in the Amateur Section with 4 points but since Adam is from GA he is not eligible for the state title. Robert Folts (1761) scored 3 points finishing with a plus score and Steve Boshears (1600) scored 2.5 points not losing a game this weekend with a win and three draws in four rounds.

The Cola Club owned the Reserve Section as nine members competed claiming the top six spots. David Boyd (1129) took the Championship scoring 4.0 points finishing just a .5 point ahead of Birney Blind (1282) and Shiva Balasubramanian (1242). Mike Meekins (938) and Emilio Garrido (700) both finished on the plus side with 3.0 points. Mike Mayfield (1355), David Gongre (978) and Jose Contreras (UNR) all finished with an even score at 2.5 points.

Congratulations to our TWO State Champions! Great job everyone!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ashland XVIII - 18 Players for Round 1

Ashland XVIII is off to a strong start with eighteen players competing in Round 1. In the Open Section, Keith Eubanks (2027) successfully defended Board 1 from Russell Thurmond (1600) and Paul King (1946) took the point from Steve Boshears (1600). James MacDougall (1940) defeated Ben Caiello (1497) as Paul Farb (1931) claimed the point over Ralph Buske (1481) and Erik Murrah (1700) defeated Daniel Smith (1352) in the section's final game.

The Amateur Section saw Dan Caiello (1411) held to a draw by Cody Kyzer (1202) as Mike Mayfield (1355) won over Richard Watts (1141). Jaime Sanyer (1008) upset Birney Blind (1282) while Shiva Balasubramanian (1242) scored the point over Christian Dunlap (754).

Next week, Thursday, Nov 11, is Round 2.

The 71st SC Champs is this weekend! The annual SCCA meeting will be Sunday from 1:00-2:00. If you can't play be sure to stop by and check out the action!