Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Championship Begins

Twenty six players competed in Round 1 of the Club Championship with defending champ Philipp Lamby (2199) scoring a first round win over Steve Boshears (1653). 2008 Champ Keith Eubanks (2006) took the first step to reclaiming the title with a win over Adam Shaw (1515). James MacDougall (1942) scored a quick win over Ralph Buske (1402) and Paul Farb (1930) returned posting a victory over Mike Mayfield (1391). Paul King (1816) defeated Ron Tims (1353) as Erik Murrah (1669) was held to a draw by Richard Watts (1256) in the evening's only peaceful conclusion. George Morton (1654) defeated Birney Blind (1160), Mike Meekins (1140) got by Christian Dunlap (770) and Craig Patton (1136) took the point over Erik Anderson (467). Paul Lowry (1092) scored the win over Andrew Villeneuve (387), Shiva Balasubramanian (1003) won over Gavyn Kopcho (110), Mark Acklie (972) returned to take the point from Micah Goss (UNR) and Marty Anderson (775) posted the only win by a Jr player in the first round defeating Jonathan Bundy (UNR).

In addition to 1st, 2nd, Top U1600 and Top Jr trophies a Top U1200 trophy has been added.

The Current Crosstable is HERE.

The Projected round 2 pairings are HERE. These are subject to change based on attendance. Pairings are accelerated for this round also.

Round 2 will be Thursday, March 11. If you missed the first round you can still play in the tournament with a first round bye!

Five round Swiss. One round a week for five weeks. Club members only, can join on site.

Entry fee $10 ($2/rd). One bye allowed, No last round byes, No free entries. Rounds start at 7:30.

Open Section only, Game 90. Accelerated Pairings will be used. Trophies to 1st, 2nd, Top U1600, Top U1200 and Top Jr. player. Trophy winners also receive 1yr club membership.

NO CASH PRIZES this tournament.

Even if you are registered you must confirm you are playing by 7:15 EACH WEEK or you WILL NOT be paired!!! Call, text or email anytime before 7:15

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