Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thirty Players compete in Round 2

Thirty players compete in Round 2 of the Club Championship. Open Section Accelerated Chaos as three players enjoy the view from the top with 2 points. James MacDougall (1942) took the point from Paul Farb (1930) and was expected to be at the top. The two unexpected leaders are George Morton (1654) who defeated Paul Lowry (1092) and Mark Acklie (972) who scored an upset over Mike Meekins (1140) to grab a share of the early lead!

Keith Eubanks (2006) was held to a draw by Paul King (1816) dropping both a half point off the lead. Erik Murrah (1669) scored the win over Craig Patton (1136) to stay a half point behind the leaders. Steve Boshears (1653) defeated a determined Shiva Balasubramanian (1003) to get in the win column as Adam Shaw (1515) picked up the point from Birney Blind (1160). Ralph Buske (1402) was held to a draw by Richard Watts (1256) who now has 2 draws after being paired up in the first two rounds. Middle School State Champ Ben Caiello (1358) continued his winning ways scoring his 10th straight rated game win defeating Daniel Smith (1203) as Mike Mayfield (1391) was held to a draw by 10th Grade Champ Dan Caiello (1187). Ron Tims (1353) got in the win column with a victory over David Gongre (1003). Cody Kyzer (933) took the point from David Hartman (UNR) as 9th Grade Champ Christian Dunlap (770) scored the win over Gavyn Kopcho (110). Andrew Villeneuve (387) scored a second round win over Jonathan Bundy (UNR) and Micah Goss (UNR) won over Rod Lytes (234).

The current crosstable is HERE.

The projected pairings for Round 3 are HERE. These are subject to change based on attendance.

Round 3 is Thursday, March 18.

Club Database. As attendance is growing it's becoming more difficult to keep the database up to date. Score sheets can be hard to read, there may be missing moves and you may have to go through both players sheets to assemble the complete game. There are usually 10 games or more each week and this can be very time consuming. We greatly appreciate everyone turning in their score sheets. If you enter your games into the computer for analysis it would be helpful if you email your games in PGN Format to Richard to have them included in the club database. If you need a PGN editor this one is free: PGN Editor

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