Monday, January 13, 2014

Holmes wins Ashland Rapid

In the first tournament of the year, Ashland Rapid, Gilbert Holmes goes a perfect 3-0 , claiming sole first.  Dan Quigley claimed second with 2 points.  David Stoner claims third with 1.5 points. It looks all were refreshed from the break and ready to play some chess.  All the games were hard fought.

Join the fun to play rated or casual on Thursday Jan 16th for Round 1 of Ashland XXXVI.

Four round Swiss. One round a week for four weeks. Entry fee $3 a round $10 for tourney for club members, $5 a round for non-members.
One bye allowed, No last round byes. Rounds start at 7:30. Reg ends at 7:15.

Two Sections, Game 75 + 30 inc. Open Section, First Place $30, Second Place $20,
Amateur Section (U1505), First Place $30, Second Place $20, U1205 $15. 

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