Monday, March 3, 2014

CCC Championship Round 1

If you weren't at the club for Round 1 of the club Championship you missed a great night of chess competition.
All of the games were hard fought and the tension was so thick it would dull most kitchen knives.

When the smoke cleared after all games completed, (the top four boards after 10:30 pm)  Ben Caiello(2101) claimed a full point over David Stoner after solving a tricky endgame.
James MacDougall(1994) and Lendel Robinson(1594) solved all tricks and puzzles each other threw at each other which eventually steered the game to a draw.  Keith Eubanks(1993) outlasted a very determined Paul Potylicki(1593) to claim the full point.  Brandon Jordan(1478) defeated Gil Holmes(1873) extending his non losing streak of rated games at the club to 8 after maneuvering through a tricky double bishop endgame.  David Boyd(1441) snatched the advantage and victory away from Birney Blind(1133).  Familiar foes Jordan Anderson(1401) and Jared Whiting(1071) were paired again and Anderson claimed the point.  Richard Watts(1245) returned to rated play but let the game slip away and Ian Bell(UNR) claimed the point.

Round 2 is Thursday, March 6th register by 7:15pm to be counted.

St. Andrews Club meets on Mondays.  Round 1 of G20 rated tourney starts March 3rd.

March 29th is our club match with Charleston Chess Club, if interested in playing let me know so I can reserve your spot.

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