Friday, November 7, 2014

Ashland XLI Rd2

Round 2 of Ashland XLI had a similar theme of high tension and hard fought chess.  After two hours of chess 8 games were still being played.

On board 1, NM Sam Copeland defeated Ben Caiello to move to 2 points.  Leo Rabulan converted in the endgame to defeat Ian Bell to move to 2 points as well.  Keith Eubanks defeated Olga Szekely and Chris Labrecque defeated Zoltan Szekely to round out the Top section.

In the Under Section, there is a log jam for first place with 4 tied with 1.5 points.  Mark Woodman and Jonathan Lober were the last game going and agreed to disagree, ending in a draw.  Gauthan Tuppale and Richard Watts played a tough game with Tuppale claiming the point.  Marty Anderson claimed the point from Birney Blind and Elizabeth Yankovsky defeated Jared Whiting.

Current cross table can be seen here.

Join the fun on Nov 13th for Round 3.  Text or call before 7:15 pm to be counted.

On Saturday Nov. 8th is the Midlands Scholastic Chess League II which will be held at the Jewish Community Center, 306 Flora Drive, Columbia, SC 29223.  There is an adult section as well as multiple scholastic sections.  For more information on the Scholastics Chess League or the club which meets on Tuesdays look here.

Also don't forget the World Championship match between current champion GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Vishwanathan Anand starts on November 8th.  This is a rematch between last years match. Anand fought his way back to face the current champion.  Can he win back the crown?  Many sites will be showing the live games but more info can be found  and

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