Sunday, February 5, 2012

B Caiello wins A25 - Tims takes Amateur Section

Twenty six players competed in Ashland XXV as Ben Caiello (1880) cruised to another tournament win with a last round victory over Gil Holmes (1804). Paul Farb (1946) finally wore down Lendel Robinson's (1628) stubborn defense to tie for second with Darell Hunt (1387) who scored a last round win over Ralph Buske (1501). Dan Caiello (1575) took the point in an upset win over Ron Hinds (1817).

Ron Tims (1389) dominated the Amateur Section scoring his fourth win with a victory over Ron Labrecque (1063) in the final round to finish with 4.5 points after taking a second round bye. Mike Mayfield (1300) bounced back with a win over Birney Blind (1177) to finish tied for second with Shaun McCoy (1285) who escaped with a win over Christian Dunlap (984). Cody Kyzer (1480) picked up the point from Richard Watts (1230).

Next up is Ashland Quick XXIX on Feb 9. The Club Championship will begin on Feb 23.

The 38th Snowstorm Special is coming up Feb 11-12 in Charleston.

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