Monday, February 13, 2012

Ashland Quick XXIX

In the 29th edition of Ashland Quick night, 16 players battled it out in the tournament hall with a hand full playing casually in the skittles room.

In the Kaspy section James MacDougall(1963) scored a dominating 3 points.  Paul Farb(1732) claimed 2 points in the top quad.  

The Fischer section saw Lendel Robinson(1493) and Gil Holmes(1654) split the reward with each having 2 points.

Chris Labrecque(1287) scored a perfect 3 points and Shaun McCoy(1196) scored 2 points in the Karpov quad.

In the final quad, Christian Dunlap won the section with 2.5 points, improving his quick rating to 1050, and Richard Watts(1152) took second with 2 points.

Final results can be seen here.

February 16th is casual night.  Come join Erik "The Weaksquare" Murrah  for and endgame presentation along with some fun stress free chess.

The Columbia Chess Club Championship starts February 23rd and runs through March 22nd.  Join the fun and pit your wits against the best in Columbia. 

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