Friday, July 2, 2010

Ashland XV - Round 3

Round 3 of Ashland XV consisted of 12 players battling over the board. Paul Farb (1925) defeated Joerg Lohse(1634) in the Open Section with Paul King (1844), keeping pace of first, won over George Morton (1634). Adam Shaw (1525) defeated Ben Caiello (1360) in the section's final game.

In the Amateur Section, white won in all games. Ralph Buske (1491) scored the hat trick by defeating Birney Blind (1287). Dan Caiello (1227) scored the point over Mike Meekins (1178) and Mark Acklie (1037) defeated Richard Watts (1230).

The Current Crosstable is HERE.

Round 4 will be Thursday, July 8. Registration ends at 7:15!! Email your entry by Wednesday night or you can call or text your entry by 7:15. Even if you registered for the whole tournament you still need to check in by 7:15. If we do not hear from by 7:15 you will not be paired unless there is an odd number. Round will start at 7:30.

Online registration is now available for the Columbia Open and Early Entries have started to come in. Take advantage of the $15 early entry discount and get your registration in!

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