Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ashland XVI starts with a bang

Appropriately, Sixteen players kicked off Ashland XVI and if you didnt stay to the end you missed the fireworks.

On board 1, Keith Eubanks(2023) returned to the club to claim the point against Erik Murrah(1657), in a hard fought game. On explosive board 2, Paul Farb(1917), put on his genius hat for a endgame you just have to see, to claim the win vs one tough ombre in George Morton(1680). Paul King(1802) playing with white pieces defeated Steve Boshears(1614). Mike Mayfield(1377) and Joerg Lohse(1790) agreed to disagree and called it a draw. Daniel Caiello(1378) took the point from Ralph Buske(1412), breaking Ralph's non-losing streak which I believe was at a very impressive 12 games(Quick and Long combined). "Bullet" Ben Caiello(1438) slowed a bit in order to defend Mike Meekins'(1124) on-coming assault but won with impressive style. Birney Blind(1315) continued his board mastery defeating Shiva Balasubramian(1168). Richard Watts(1198) took the point from Jaime Sanyer(989) to finish up the round.

Round 2 is on Thursday the 6th of August. Registration ends at 7:15.

There is no class prize for the Under 1000 players; entry fee for any U1000 players will be $1.

Columbia Open!! Aug 20-22 Columbia Open!! Aug 20-22 Columbia Open!! Aug 20-22 Columbia Open!! Aug 20-22 Columbia Open!! Aug 20-22 Columbia Open!! Aug 20-22
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Here's the finale from the Morton-Farb game, which to all spectators looked like a draw. Little did we know, Mr. Silman, oh I mean Mr. Farb, saw the brilliant way to finish the game.

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