Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ashland XXVI Rd 1 and 2

Round 2 of Ashland XXVI included 14 players battling it out on the checkered squares.  James MacDougall(2014) used a bit of trickery to trap Gil Homes'(1820) Queen, quickly ending the battle.  Ben Caiello(1897) won vs Ron Hines(1772) in an interesting game in which Ben used a late kingside castle on move 40 to secure the win.  In arguably the night's most interesting battle, Ethan Winter(1771) and Lendel Robinson(1665) agreed to a draw when Lendel's queen moved into position for a perpetual checking sequence.  Daniel Caiello(1625) defeated Ralph Buske(1482) to round out the Open Section.

In the U1505 section, Shaun McCoy(1360) converted the win over the improving Julie Sheil(1047).  Mike Mayfield(1346) took his time to win a R and pawn endgame over Christian Dunlap(950).  In the new to the club game, Riku Koivusalo(UNR) defeated Solomon Hill(UNR).

Last week in Round 1, James MacDougall, Adam Shaw, Gil Holmes, all claimed the point and Ben Caiello and Lendel Robinson agreed to a draw.  In the U1505 section, Shaun McCoy, Andrew Manion, and James Brandmair scored wins and Riku Koivusalo and Jaime Sanyer played down to a bishop and kings, drawing the game.

Ashland XXVI continues with round 3 on April 26th.  Registration ends at 7:15pm.

The SC Open will be held in Greenvlle, SC on May 25-27.  Details can be found here.

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