Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twenty players for Round 1 of Ashland XXV

Twenty players battled in Round 1 of Ashland XXV. In the Open Section, Paul Farb (1946) won over Daniel Smith (1513), Ben Caiello (1880) took the point from Ralph Buske (1501), Lendel Robinson (1628) defeated Chris Labrecque (1366) and Dan Caiello (1575) scored the upset over Adam Shaw (1815). Gil Holmes (1804) was held to a draw by David Boyd (1461) and Erik Murrah (1708) split the point with Darell Hunt (1387).

In the Amateur Section, Ron Tims (1389) won over Birney Blind (1177), Mike Mayfield (1300) defeated Julie Sheil (1118), Shaun McCoy (1285) scored the win over Ron Labrecque (1063) and Richard Watts (1230) took the point from Christian Dunlap (984).

Round 2 will be Thursday, Jan 12. Register by 7:15, Round begins at 7:30.

Reverse Angle 25 is January 14 in Charlotte

Land of the Sky is Jan 27-29 in Asheville, NC

38th Snowstorm Special is Feb 11-12 in Charleston

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