Saturday, August 27, 2011

GM Ftacnik Lecture and IM Matros Exhibition

If you missed the FM Lubomir Ftacnik lecture and IM Matros vs GM Ftacnik exhibition last week you missed a great night of chess learning and camaraderie. As one club regular said "Tonight was Awesome, like sitting at the feet of prophets."

The lecture featured two games where white underestimated the time factor in the opening and paid the price.
Game 1 featured a 19 move Nimzo Indian Defense from the 2006 Turin Olympiad between GM Ivan Sokolov and GM Levon Aronian.

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The second game is from 1999 with Ivanchuk getting the better of Topolov's English opening in 25 moves. Annotations from GM Ftacnik.

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After the battle lines were drawn and we split into two groups and parted ways. IM Matros had the white pieces and his Phalanx of experts marched to their camp and GM Ftacnik's Death Dealers of Destruction hunkered down and made preparations for the oncoming attack. The following battle ensued:

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