Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ashland XXII - Round 4

Fourteen players competed in Round 4 of Ashland XXII with Keith Eubanks (2076) winning over Adam Shaw (1820) to hold the lead by .5 point over Ben Caiello (1630) who upset Paul Farb (1910). Erik Murrah (1734) defeated Ralph Buske (1497) as George Morton (1663) mated Gil Holmes (1783) with just 7 seconds left on his clock.

In the Amateur Section, Darell Hunt (1308) settled peacefully with Richard Watts (1080) to stay in first, a .5 point ahead of Richard. Mike Mayfield (1281) won over Birney Blind (1208) and Mike Meekins (1055) returned to the board and defeated Julie Sheil (UNR).

The Final Round will be Thurs, Aug 11.

The deadline for early entry discount for the Columbia Open is Friday, August 12. You can register Online and take advantage of the $16 discount of $59. After August 12 the entry fee will be $75.

Early Entries are coming in and are headlined by Grandmaster Lubomir Ftacnik. Check the Columbia Open site for full details.

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