Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ashland XVII Round 4

Ashland XVII Round 4 saw 12 competitors come to the boards.

Paul Farb(1906) defeated Shiva Balasubramanian(1190) to keep pace with David Vetterlein(1805) who defeated Erik Murrah(1654). James MacDougall(1940) defeated Christian Dunlap(754) who earned the right to play the higher rated opponent. Fearless Daniel Caiello(1370) defeated Bullet Ben Caiello(1417) in a very interesting game. Steve Boshears(1600) and Ralph Buske(1470) fought hard but decided on a draw. Newcomer to the club, Mark Woodman claimed his first rated point against tough competitor Birney Blind(1298).

Round 5 is on Thursday Oct 14, 2010. Please reserve your spot by 7:15.

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