Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ashland XVI Round 4

Round 4 of Ashland XVI continued with Paul Farb(1917) claiming clear first by outlasting Paul King(1802). Erik Murrah(1657) moved into second place defeating Mike Mayfield(1377) on board 2. "Bullet" Ben Caiello(1438) defeated Cody Kyzer "Sose"(1011). Keith Eubanks(2023) defeated Richard Watts(1198) to stay in the hunt. Ralph Buske(1412) earned upset of the night by defeating Gil Holmes(1805). Steve Boshears(1614) ground out the win vs Birney Blind(1315). Jerry Rothstein(1340) returned to the club to claim a win vs "Fearless" Dan Caiello(1378). Drew Plyler (1207) and Craig Patton(1205) settled peacefully with a draw. Newcomer to the club, David Boyd(1089) defeated Jaime Sanyer(989) and also claimed victory Paul Lowry in and Extra Game.

The tournament concludes, with Round 5 on Thursday Sept 2nd.

The prizes are still undecided so be there for Round 5 to claim your share of the winnings.

1st $40
2nd $30
3rd $20
Top B (1600-1799) $15
Top C (1400-1599) $15
Top D (1200-1399) $15
Top E (1000-1199) $15

Note these are Class prizes and not under prizes. Only players in the rating class can win their class prize.

In some past news, IM Alexander Matros(2449) put on a simul exhibition at the club on August 19th, claiming 7.5 out of 8. Thank You to all who participated and Congratulations to Paul Farb who earned a draw vs the player 650 points higher than him.

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