Friday, September 3, 2010

Ashland XVI in the books

Ashland XVI concludes with 14 players competing in round 5. On board 1 Erik Murrah defeated Paul Farb to claim an overall share of 1st. Ben Caiello and Steve Boshears agreed to disagree, to a degree, and called it a draw. Adam Shaw defeated Mike Mayfield and Ralph Buske claimed the point vs Cody Kyzer. The Birney Blind, Richard Watts game came down to an interesting endgame and they played it to a draw. Daniel Caiello defeatd Craig Patton and Jaime Sanyer and Paul Lowry agreed on a draw.

Overall winners and class prizes are listed below.

1st Place: Paul Farb, Erik Murrah
3rd Place: Ben Caiello

Class Prizes
Class B: George Morton, Steve Boshears
Class C: Adam Shaw, Ralph Buske
Class D: Dan Caiello, Mike Mayfield
Class E: Richard Watts, Cody Kyzer

The final results can be seen here.

Next Thursday, Sept 9th is Ashland Quick XX. Registration ends at 7:15pm.

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