Saturday, April 10, 2010

Border Battle Updates

The Border Battle between North Carolina and South Carolina is in the final round.

The broadcast of Board 1 is working today and Round 1 and 2 are now available for viewing.

The games can be viewed on the live links at the SCCA site .

Round 1 saw draws on both Board 1 between State Champs Aliyev-Mabe and on Board 2 between High School Champs Lauria-Mu.

Round 2, Mabe-Aliyev Draw again, tied at 1-1, Mu defeats Lauria and leads 1.5-.5 .

Round 3, Aliyev wins and leads 2-1, Mu-Lauria Draw, Mu leads 2-1.

Round 4, Lauria wins to tie the match with Mu 2-2.

The Crosstable for the Class Battle can be found HERE.

After Round 1 NC leads the Class Battle 8-5.

After Round 2 the Class Battle is tied 13-13.

After Round 3 still tied! One round for bragging rights!

Round 4 results:
Gaskins wins - SC leads by 1
Hayes wins - Tied
Meekins wins - SC leads by 1
McIntosh wins - Tied
Poppante wins - NC leads by 1
Musulin-Moore draw - NC leads by 1
Haigler-Sarasua draw - NC leads by 1
Templeton-Chin draw -NC leads by 1 Four boards still playing
Plyler wins! - Match tied with three boards still playing
Kane wins! - SC leads by 1 with two boards still playing
Hight wins for the bad guys - Match tied with one game left!
Nix-Shemesh draw! - It's a tie!

Updates will be posted here as they become available.

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