Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ashland XIV Round 1

Twenty two players competed in the initial round of Ashland XIV. In the Open section, George Morton (1633) pulled an upset against Paul Farb (1930). Robert Folts (1691) defeated Adam Shaw (1545) and Erik Murrah(1663) swiped the point from Ralph Buske(1425). Steve Boshears(1616) and Paul King(1846) agreed to disagree and ended in a draw.

Our Amateur Section saw Daniel Caiello (1135) defeat Mike Mayfield(1440) and Ben Caiello (1360) win vs Mike Meekins(1131). Ron Tims(1353) slugged it out in the end, claiming victory over Shiva Balasubramanian(1076). Birney Blind (1307) captured the point over Jaime Sanyer(1032) in a king and pawn endgame. Daniel Smith(1171) escaped with the point vs Mark Acklie(972) in a well played game.

In the Reserve, Christian Dunlap (770) and Andrew Villeneuve (387) claimed points over Gavin Kopcho, and Jonathan Bundy respectively, our youngest competitors.

Prepare your minds, Round 2 awaits on April 29th.

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