Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Recent Activities and Upcoming Events, 79th SC CHAMPIONSHIPS

In our First Ever Blitz Championship , Edsel Pena, claimed the title only gaining the upper hand in the last round.  In a tight battle, Edsel scored an impressive 8 points out of 10, with Gil Holmes scoring 7.5 points claiming second place overall.

Ashland 67 consisted of twenty seven players over five rounds playing classical chess at a G60 + 30 second increment.  In the top section,  Dan Quigley claimed first place with 3 points and Dan Horwitz scored 2 points, claiming second.
In the U1505 section, Ross Simmons pushed ahead in the last round with an impressive 4 points.  Andrew Bouman claimed second with 3.5 points.

In the 4th Ashland Quick tournament of the year, 16 players battled in rapid play.
In the Top Swiss section Gil Holmes, Eli Moore, Charles Stevenson created a logjam for first with 2 points each.
In the Middle Swiss, Daniel Smith and newcomer to the club, Stephen Nelson split first with 2.5 points each.
In the remaining Quad, Calvin Smith and William Bao split first with 2.5 points each.

Our next club event starts on Thursday Sept 20th with Round 1 of Ashland 68.  This will be a 4 round event with two sections, Open and U1505.  The time control is G60 + 30 sec increment.  Register by 7:15pm on Thursday to be counted.

October 18th we will host the fifth Ashland Rapid tourney of the year.  There will be 3 rounds on the night at G15+10 sec increment.

October 25 we will have a 3 round Chess 960 tournament at G15+ 10 sec increment.

November 1st we will have a stress free casual night at the British Bulldog Pub.

November 2-4th is the 79th SC Championships at the Hilton Garden Inn on Columbiana Dr. 
Our current club champion, National Master Sam Copeland is the defending South Carolina champion.  Will he defend successfully for a second straight year?  For more information and to register, Please visit SCChess.org.

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