Friday, April 22, 2016

Club Champs Update Post Round 3 Quick Results

Next week a showdown between Sam Copeland and Keith Eubanks looms, each with 3 points each.

Sam Copeland defeated Leo Rabulan and Keith Eubanks claimed the point against James MacDougall.

Adam Shaw, as white, defeated Gil Holmes.  According to my records is the seventh time this match up has occurred in recent history.

Ian Bell grabbed a pawn and hung on against Daniel Smith.

Steve Boshears claimed the point against Richard Watts.  Charles Stevenson was up early on but Marty Anderson came away with the point.

Shaun McCoy defeated Birney Blind and Mike Mayfield ground out the win vs Ed Stewart and Eli Moore claimed the point against Luke Copeland.

Most likely Club Champion and runner up is in the running for leaders Sam Copeland and Keith Eubanks.  Leo Rabulan and 4 others sit at 2 points each.

Leading contenders for the U2000 trophy
Currently with 2 points
Ian Bell
Adam Holmes
Steve Boshears

Leading contenders for the U1600 trophy
Currently with 2 points
Marty Anderson
Shaun McCoy with 1.5 points

Leading contenders for the U1200 trophy
Charles Stevenson
Birney Blind
Eli Moore
Ed Stewart

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