Friday, February 19, 2016

Ashland Quick LII

Ten players battled over the boards during Ashland Quick LII.

Gilbert Holmes played solid and exciting chess scoring 3 victories in the top swiss section.  Ian Bell and Rade Musulin claimed second with 2 points

In the next section, Mike Mayfield was the leader with 2.5 points and Richard Watts, claimed second with two points, only succumbing to Mayfield in an interesting King and Pawn endgame.

In the last round, Gil was matched with co-leader Ian Bell.  The game was an English Attack vs Bell's Najdorf Sicilian defense.  Bell's king had marched to the center of the board and at first glance it looks as if all is lost for the black pieces.  Inexplicably, Bell forgot to press his clock after his 28.  ..Ke5 move in a even or slightly better position(according to the Silicon Master Fritz).  Six minutes clicked off in this critical position giving Holmes the win.

Round 3 Holmes vs Bell.

In round 2, another interesting game involving Bell, included a gutsy attack leading to what seemed to be a forced mate around move 23.  Fritz saves the position, but definitely an interesting game.

Round 2 Bell vs Musulin

Full Results here.

Upcoming Events of Note
Governor's School tournament in Hartsville, SC on February 20th
Casual and Blitz Mahem on February 25th
SCCA State Scholastics Tourney Mt. Pleasant, SC on February 27th
March 3rd starts Ashland XLVII and runs for 4 weeks through March 31st
No Meeting March 24th due to planned church activities.  Happy Easter March 27th
Club Championship starts April 7th  runs for 5 weeks through May 5th.

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