Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ashland XLIV Round 1

Ten intrepid players kicked off round 1 for Ashland XLIV.

In the top section, Ian Bell and Sam Copeland played a fascinating game. In the end, a slight miscue led the game to a draw. Rade Musulin continued his impressive play to claim the point against strong competitor Dan Quigley. Adam Shaw dispatched Mike Mayfield to jump into a tie for the lead.

 In the U1505 section, Marty Anderson continued his long game winning streak this time Ed Stewart succumbed to his attack. Richard Watts impressively ground out the win against a hard fighter in Mark Woodman.

Round 2 continues the tourney on June 4th.  Email, call or text me to be included in the tourney.

Here is a great position from this round to play against your computer.

1 comment:

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