Thursday, November 22, 2012

Odds & Ends as 2012 winds down and 2013 cranks up

The year is winding down and there's only one tournament left that counts toward the Year End Awards, Ashland Quick XXXIV on Nov 29. The final standings will be updated shortly after and the winners will be posted. Our points keeper for the Awards, Ralph Buske, is stepping down and we need someone to keep track of the standings starting in 2013. If you would like to take this job please let Dan or Bob know. A Big Thank You to Ralph for handling this job for the past five years.

December will be our fun month again with a Bughouse Tournament scheduled for Dec 6. Dec 13 is still up in the air, could be a blitz tournament, quick tournament or even a Chess 960 so let us know what you would like to see! Vote Here. Dec 20 is the Awards Night when the Club's over achievers are recognized for their results over the course of 2012. Dec 27 is open, we may have the Ashland Action again so be sure to let us know if you would like this tournament to be held.

The Columbia Chess Club swept the 2012 SC Championships as Edsel Pena & Ben Caiello were State Co Champions, Chris Labrecque is the Amateur (U1800) Champion, and Andrew Manion is the Reserve (U1400) Co Champion. This is the first time the Cola Club has swept the SC Champs! Well done guys!!

Thanks to Rod Franco we are able to meet at the St Andrews Regional Library on Monday evenings from 6:00 - 8:30 in addition to our normal Thursday night meetings. Meetings started again on Nov 19 with around a dozen players engaging in blitz, lessons and casual slow play. This is a great opportunity for new and beginning players to come out! We also plan to have a few Beginner tournaments next year.

If you missed it, the USCF is offering three years premium membership at the two year price. The deal expires at midnight, Nov 30. The full details are HERE.


If you miss the weekly broadcast of the top two boards we plan to bring them back in 2013.

The first tournament of 2013 will be Ashland XXXI beginning on Jan 3. It will be our normal five round, two sections(Open & U1500), $2 entry. The only change will be the time control. We are going to try G75 +30s increment and see how it goes. If it causes games to go too late we'll switch back to G90 +5s delay for future tournaments. See this NC Chess Thread for opinions and experience with the 30s incr.

The Club Championship will run from Feb 21 - Mar 21. It will be one Open Section again with accelerated pairings so bring your A Game!

The third club tournament of 2013 may be a team tournament! If you would like to see the team tournament return let us know!

The first two big weekend tournaments next year are the Land of the Sky (LOTS) Jan 25-27 in Asheville, NC. This is a first class tournament. This is not a tournament only for "good" players! There is an U1200 section so everyone is good enough to compete and win in this tournament! Quite a few Cola Club members compete each year so if you'd like to go and share a room ask around at the club.

The next tourny is the Snowstorm Special  Feb 16 & 17 in Summerville this year. New Format!! It's now two sections, Open & U1400, so again, everyone is good enough compete & win! Summerville is about 90 mins from Columbia and the hotel is right at exit 199 off I26. I encourage all Midlands players to participate in this tournament.

2013 will be a fun, active year with plenty of tournaments and TWO places for the club to meet each week. Come out and play!!

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