Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ashland XXVII round 3

Round 3 of Ashland XXVII included 12 players playing rated and a handful of others popping out blitz moves in the skittles room.

On board 1, Adam Shaw(1796) defeated Gil Holmes'(1886) pet dragon. Mike Mayfield(1378) claimed a upset win against Ron Hinds(1671) as well as simultaneous blitz wins in the skittles wins.
Shaun McCoy(1338) fought well against Ben Caiello(1917) but succumbed to the higher rated opponent. Similarly, Richard Watts(1308) was defeated by Daniel Caiello(1603).
In the night's two most hardest fought games, George Morton(1625) won a very interesting kings and pawns endgame over Christian Dunlap(977) and Birney Blind(1202) and Ralph Buske(1479) agreed to a draw after a tough opposite colored Bishop endgame.

 Round 4 is set for June 21st. Call or text your entries before 7:15 pm.

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