Monday, December 6, 2010

Ashland XIX - Team Challenge II - Jan 6 - Feb 3

A19 beginning on Jan 6 will be a Team Tournament.

Rated games depending on player availability or match play will be available for members that do not wish to play in the team tournament .

A minimum of 4 teams must be registered by January 3 or team tournament format will be cancelled and A19 will use A18 format.

If six or more teams register this will be a five round tournament, five teams will be a four round tournament with one team having an off week each round and four teams will be a three round tournament.

Time control will be G90. Entry fee $30/team. Trophy prizes. Each player on the First Place team will receive a trophy (3). The players with the highest score on each board at the end of the tournament will receive a trophy (3).

Teams cannot take a bye and no teams will be added once the tournament starts.

1. Each team will have 3 players and designate a Captain.

2. The combined rating of a team’s players must be under 4350. Dec Supplement will be used. Unrated players will be assigned a rating of 1200 for team purposes. Rated but unpublished players will use their unpublished rating for team purpose.

3. Board order must go by rating, highest rated plays board 1, second highest board 2, third on board 3.

4. Substitutes are allowed if a team member is unavailable. Substitute cannot be rated higher than the player being replaced unless opposing team agrees.

Teams will be listed on the Msg Board as they register and the pairings will posted there on the Monday before each round.

Anyone can form a team! Don't wait to be asked if you'd like to be on a team. If you need contact information for players you can Email me.

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