Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ashland XIV Round 5

31 players competed in Ashland XIV with Robert Folts(1691) clinching 1st place in the Open section by defeating George Morton(1633). Folts had an impressive 1991 performance rating for the tournament. Paul Farb(1930) defeated Adam Shaw(1545) to claim second in the section.

In the Amatuer, Daniel Caiello(1135) defeated Birney Blind(1307) to jump to 1st place. Ben Caiello(1360), claimed second, despite losing to Mike Mayfield(1440) in the last round. Pani Wickramasinghe(1381) defeated Jaime Sanyer(1032) and Shiva Balasubramanian(1076) defeated Mike Meekins(1131). Richard Watts(1234) took down Mark Acklie(972) and Ralph Buske(1425) slugged it out with a determined Christian Dunlap(771), in the end Buske climed the point. Paul Lowry(1051) returned to the board to defeat Jon Bundy.

The final results can be seen here

May 28th is Ashland Quick XVIII. 3 games of Game/20 will be played. Rumor is we will have some top level competition visiting.

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